Keio Senior High School would like to welcome senior high school students (grade 10 -12) from around the world to experience school and family life in Japan.

Keio Senior High is a top-ranking, private senior high school in Japan. Our students not only excel in academics, but they are very active in extra-curricular activities including athletics, science research, music, and arts. Since Keio Senior High is affiliated with Keio University, our students have the opportunity to collaborate with university students on campus.

Keio Senior High School Summer Program 2019 is best suited for students who have never been to or just briefly visited Japan, and who are academically motivated as well as willing to challenge themselves by trying new things. The academic programs are designed by our faculty members, while the extra-curricular activities and field trips are organized mainly by senior high school and university students from Keio. Past participants have done things such as visiting famous spots in Tokyo and Kyoto, and taking part in summer festivals. The participants will also spend time on a homestay with a Japanese host family. This is a bilingual program offered in Japanese and English. As such, while a basic level of Japanese knowledge might be beneficial, there is no Japanese language requirement to participate in the program.

We look forward to seeing you on campus this summer!